There are written records about the village Rybník dating back to as early as the 11th century; in the 18th century there appeared the village coat of arms with a vinicultural motive. The village streches over hills and has an interesting plan view.

The Tekov Region is exceptionally rich in well-preserved folk houses. They are no open-air folk museums behind the village, but they are a natural part of Tekov villages. Rybník, too, has a beautifully well-preserved folk house in Teplica. It has a classic floor plan, well known from other folk houses. It is accessed through the so-called black kitchen, there is a large room on the right, a small room on the left and a big cellar behind the second door. A pleasant sight is provided by enamelled buckets and bowls, clay vessels and painted benches.

The village has other sights including a church, a manor house and chapels.

Rybník is also a traditional vinicultural and wine-growing village. Kráľovka is a historical vinicultural street in the village with beautiful cellar-houses and little cellars carved in rocks. Every summer, Open Cellar Day takes place in Kráľovka.