The Wine Region

One of the unique features of the Tekov region over the centuries has been the growing of grape vines and the production of wine. They are distinguishable due to the specific soil types of this region, whether on the volcanic subsoil of the Štiavnické vrchy and the Ipeľská pahorkatina, or the limestone subsoil, which was created by the thermal springs.

Historical wine cellars

One of the most remarkable features of the Tekov region are the unique historical wine cellars that still remind us of the importance of wine-growing in the area. The first reference to the growing of grape vines comes from the year 1075, which mentions the vineyards in the Rybník village. Visitors to the vineyards can enjoy an unbelievable degustation experience when visiting the historic mansion cellars of Levice and Želiezovce or the cellars originally excavated as mines in the historical mining towns of Pukanec and Bátovce. Some of them are unique in size and dimensions, not only in the region but throughout the whole of Slovakia.

Terroir Tekov
The winemakers guild of Terroir Tekov, consists of members who are leading wine producers in the Tekov region. Their production is aimed at highlighting the local conditions in the final wine production and to represent Tekov at foreign trade fairs and competitions, where they have achieved excellent results on many occasions. Do not hesitate to contact the vineyards and arrange some wine tasting in Tekov.