The Kúdela Winery

In Čajkov, one of the villages on the southern slopes of Štiavnica vrchy mountains, in close proximity to Levice, there are vineyards of several excellent wine growers.

A six-hectare large vineyard is farmed by the Kúdela Winery, which is about to welcome its first visitors in only recently reconstructed wineshop very soon. Don’t get mistaken, though. The wineshop is only the beginning.

The Kúdela winery can boast in unique space in the former Schoeller Lords’ Cellars. Behind the back door of the winery, there are steep stairs which lead visitors deep underground. Don’t forget extra clothes, the cellar is naturally cold even in summer.

The cellar space is ideal for wine tasting experience. Spotlights in the ground illuminate the old walls, manually carved by skilled humans into an impressive arch hundreds of years ago, ending high above. Arranged bottles invite opening and tasting of the first sip. The winemaker guides the visitors through the tastes of the individual varieties and years.

After the tasting in the cellar, which, of course, needs to be arranged in advance, visitors can return with friends back to the cosy wineshop and continue with wine of their own selection.

Another rarity of the Kúdela Winery is the collection of earthenware vessels, which is the biggest in Slovakia and of which is the Kúdela Winery rightfully proud.

The Winery is located in one of the streets which is not far from the centre, only few metres away from the square. After lots of experiences, visitors can easily return to their hotels or guest houses.